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Tips to Keep Children’s Teeth Healthy

Healthy teeth are important for your whole family and establishing good habits when your children are young is essential. Regular visits to providers of family orthodontics, Greenville SC, are a part of your family’s overall dental regimen. Here are tips to keep children’s teeth healthy. Brushing Your children should brush their teeth after breakfast and [Continue]

New Treatments in Speech Therapy

Diagnosing a speech problem is a difficult thing, especially when the patient is younger. In childhood, significant speech problems can be confused for simple childhood stuttering. This can lead to a person going untreated for years, or at least until they’re well into their school years. Unfortunately, the brain responds best to speech therapy when [Continue]

Physical Therapy Following a Stroke

Following a stroke, many patients are left with long-term disabilities that dramatically affect their quality of life. In fact, 795,000 cases of long-term disability in adults in the US are caused by stroke. This sudden event can cause life-long issues in patients, leaving them with no choice but to seek out treatment and rehabilitative assistance [Continue]

Lose Weight to Improve Your Life

Everyone knows that if you lose weight, you will look and feel better. Just losing a little of the excess weight you have can show some benefits. There are many ways that you will improve quality of life with weight loss. Here are some of those ways. Lower Risk of Disease When you are overweight, [Continue]