How to Choose a Rehabilitation Facility for Seniors

After certain surgeries or injuries, rehabilitation is recommended to help with range of motion or to build strength. There needs to be special considerations and skills when a facility offers rehabilitation for seniors. Here are some tips on choosing a rehabilitation facility for seniors.

Evaluate the Facility

It is important to take a tour of the facility to see the living conditions there. Check for cleanliness, comfort and adequate lighting. Find out if there are single rooms, shared rooms or both. Look at the menus to see if they are varied and healthy. Also ask about activities that are offered.


Qualified Staff

Ask questions about the areas of training for the staff, particularly for specialized training for certain injuries or after certain types of surgeries. Ask if there will be a personalized care plan for your family member. Make sure the facility offers the kind of rehabilitation your family member needs.


Levels of Rehabilitation Services

Seniors may need physical, occupational or speech therapy. They may also need recreational therapists or psychologists. Find out if the facility offers different levels of care to seniors during and after their stay. This may include outpatient therapy, physical therapy in their home or long-term care in the facility.

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