Signs You Need to See a Urologist

If you are over 40, you should consider setting up a consultation with a urologist. There are many reasons to visit a urologist but the first is just so they know you. Having a baseline for them to refer to will be very beneficial so going to them before you become sick is very important.

There are definite things that can happen that should send you to a urologist.

  1. Any incontinence. If you find you leak some urine when you cough or laugh, it is nothing to be embarrassed about but is something that should be checked out. While it is very common, that does not mean you should accept it. If you find yourself planning your life around bathroom breaks or keep extra clothes in the car, go to a urologist and see if something can be done. This could be caused by a treatable medical problem. Weight loss can help with this issue, too.
  2. Blood in your urine. This is never normal and you need to have that looked at right away. This can be an early sign of kidney or bladder cancer. The blood might not be visible so it is important to have your pee checked by a lab a few times a year.


Having a urologist who knows you and your health issues can make all the difference in catching a problem early, when it is easier to treat. This might not be the most fun thing in  the world but will save you a lot of trouble later.

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